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owner & bandwife. Marketing, creative/fine arts, traveling, dance, shelter pup.

North Carolina
Joined June 2010

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  1. Despite stepping on a bee for the second time in my life....this day off with my man has been/continues to be GLORIOUS.

  2. The secret to finishing work by 10pm? Make a goal of stopping by 9pm!

  3. At the bank, & little boy wearing a vintage Wonder Woman t-shirt just told me I look so good I can come to his birthday.

  4. Worked 14 straight days = I’m a opting for Monday afternoon of Revenge + popcorn. 🏻

  5. April showers + slimy footbridge - adequate footwear traction = ouch.

  6. What the hail?? NC you so crazy.

  7. By the by...I'm offering limited edition Mother's Day gift boxes this year! Details over on…

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    TONIGHT: Seth says hello and more to Williams, Oscar Isaac, and musical guest !

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    Tune in to catch on on April 8th before they take the stage at on 4/9 -

  10. I guess the power going out on a gorgeous day is nature’s way saying, “Go outside!!”

  11. First (and probably last) time wearing a cowboy hat...headed to a 'Murica party to celebrate a newly…

  12. Tell me your top 1-3 "made in North Carolina" products. Go!

  13. Watching Twilight in the background, and it's still as terrible as the first time.

  14. Hey scented candle afficionados: what's your favorite specialty brand?

  15. sun lake shorts LOVE

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    Go see you some if you ever can. That voice...sugar & butter. Aka .

  17. Finding myself so inspired after finishing 's autobiography "Life In Motion."

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    According to , NC has highest min. spend for film incentives by FAR. Way to attack indie films, .

  19. Whoaa y'all, has filed to go public.

  20. Tip: Pretty tissue paper can be just as lovely for as wrapping paper, especially for…

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